Strafford School District

Strafford, NH

Mission & Vision

The Strafford School District, in partnership with the community, is committed to providing a challenging, positive and safe learning environment that CARES:

  • Cultivates curiosity and collaboration

  • Achieves academic excellence

  • Respects and values diversity

  • Encourages responsible citizenship

  • Supports the needs of every learner

Responsibilities of the Schools

Guided by the Mission Statement, the Strafford School District will:

  • Provide a stimulating and disciplined environment in which students and staff can work and learn.

  • Set high expectations and promote the pursuit of excellence.

  • Provide and teach a challenging, district-wide curriculum that is rich in content, skills, and processes, accessible to all students.

  • Offer a variety of programs to cultivate students’ artistic, athletic, social, and cultural interests.

  • Employ teachers of the highest quality and professionalism to educate our students.

  • Provide the necessary support services and materials for successful teaching and learning.

  • Honor students’ efforts and achievements.

  • Acknowledge and reward the spirit of inquiry and self-directed learning.

  • Recognize the importance of parents’ support and participation in their children’s education.